Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Taking a look at the latest Leftist 'concerns'

Ok, we have the next Veep and her four month old Downs syndrome child.
The Left is all over it's self about their concern for his well being- because, somehow Palin will be unable to care for him in the White house,,,for some reason.

Let me see if I'm wrong somewhere.
  • She'll be Veep, which is basically voting as a tiebreaker in the Senate....Don't see much of that happening. It's not like opening federal offices and hanging in a secure undeclared location is going to be much of a strain, either.
  • She'll be able to make her own rules (pretty much) as to the nursery thing in her office suites,,,I'd think.
  • You'd think by now they'd have the NannyGate thing settled, so she can get competent help.
  • Right now she's actively doing her job as Governor of Alaska, somehow it might be a little more stressful than cutting ribbons in front of .gov buildings.
I'm sure I can think of more, but I'm looking for electrician/operators jobs right now.

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