Saturday, September 13, 2008

Anybody else having intrawebz trouble?

I'm having a hard time loading new sites and I think IKE might have kinda flooded the intratubes when he hit Houston and DFW. Where there are major communications points.
And routers and servers.

I've been trying all day to call my younger sister in Sugarland, just south of Houston, but kep getting a busy signal. I guess it's better than all the lines are down,,,,but.

I heard the long way around that my mom and older sis and her family are ok up in Conroe. Still haven't been able to contact them diectly either.

Oh well, AlGore will have to invent another internet that's environmentally friendler this time, maybe he can get a matching Nobel prize for it and put it up on nis "I love me" wall.

Speaking of flooding, I hear N'awlins took on water. Where do you think the MSm is going to be dashing Bush about FEMA -again?

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