Friday, September 19, 2008

I thought Democrats hated capitalism

Well, I guess they do and you could look at all these government takeovers, buyouts, rescues...whatever as some kind of backdoor nationalization- right?
The way Communist countries do it.

The had control of Freddy Mac and Fanny may, while getting a certain Presidential candidate VERY well heeled. Government bribing the same .gov- who much do you think we'd have heard if there was any kind of involvement with any -R's-?

Now we're on the hook for some $100 Billion because of Bill Clinton and his pals forcing lenders to loan to those who can't pay, the .gov taking over AIG and now we're fixing to get stuck with some kind of 'poison assets'...which doesn't sound good.

I guess instead of Bush=Hitler we should be equating the Democrats with him because his NAZIs took over the economy without any public input, too.

Hey, BARRY- Are you *EVER* going to condem those who broke into a private mail and posted the contents?
What about your "Leave the families out of this" speach you gave?

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