Friday, September 19, 2008

Revolver mods

I got off early today...we're going through the 'no more O.T.' thing, so I got off around noon, chased my check and got the rest of my 2 x4's to finish the shop addition.

Then I stopped at the range so I could actually do 'sumthing' with the colts sights.
The Navy .44 really shoots high and to the left. I think.
I forgot to clean it the last time I was shooting and got run off by annoying gnats.'
Now it was so powder fouled that the hammer was dragging and not consistently popping caps. I don't know if that was the whole problem, but the last cylinder I shot felt weak,,,may have been the wind blowing half the powder away as I was loading. I even had one ball not even go 3/4 of the way through the 3/4" plywood target.

The Colt open top was a different story.
I was shooting high and to the left there, too. I thought it was just the guns design.
I was going to use Karen's jewelers file to work on the back sight, but decided to do the baby step thing first.
The front sight is a polished silver(ish) blade that reflects the light, so I filed a notch at the top and blackened it with my sharpie.
That made a difference, now I'm shooting level, but still to the left...when I noticed something.

The design on both guns make you want to put your trigger finger in to the first knuckle. It feels natural.
After changing my grip, I used the fingertip pull thing.
Boy was I impressed. I was almost on the aim point for all six.
I put about four cylinders to the test and my pattern tightened up to about a hand span at 25 YDS.
I guess I'm doing it right now because the trigger guard is rapping my middle finger, and I'm rolling my index finger into the trigger.
I also noticed the longer I shot, the more I'd anticipate the shot; so I called it a day after about two hours shooting offhand.

Pics later, if I remember.

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