Friday, September 10, 2010

Daym! Lookit all those lawyers

I'm reading more about that PG&E gas pipeline explosion in Cali.

It looks like PG&E really fell down on their gas leak investigation procedures.
...And the trial lawyers are going to have a field day asking why they didn't do anything about a leaking 30" pipe.
Yeah, weeks worth of gas spreading out under asphalt, sidewalks, storm drains and into peoples houses via their sewer lines- just waiting to mix to that magical 4.5- 14.5 percent gas-in-air mixture with the right ignition source....

If I wanted to set foot on Kalifornistan, I know that I'd have a job in the entirely vacant gas leak investigation division.

Or, I could apply now for the greatly (soon to be) enlarged Office of Pipeline Safety .gov.

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