Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Look Ciro!

I can see November second from my house.

I just got my third call this week from Ciro Rodriguez today. I guess he's either polling behind Quico Canseco or not far enough ahead that he fells that taped calls bothering people in his district are needed.

Well Ciro, let me tell you how ypu and Mr. Hope-N-Change changed my voting habits.
I have never voted a straight ticket, but after seeing how you wrangled your communistic bills through Congress- I'll be checking that little box at the top left og my ballot marked REPUBLICAN. Not that I think the majority are much better, but their NOT the party that cut up the Constitution for toilet paper.

...And since I have plenty of free time because of your policies since 2007, I'll see if Quico wants any help.

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