Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So,,, Some British kid e-mailed 0bama

and called him a prick. Then the Secret Service got involved and told the English to do their harassment thing to him and tell him that he's on double secret probation banned from entering America for life.


Barack Hussein Obama you are a prick.
Actually you're a thin skinned PRICK!

Dude, you're the whiner in chief. You have the entire mainstream media running interference for you and you send your thugs to strong arm a seventeen year old kid.

You are a prick.
George Bush had the entire world throwing shit at him for eight years and you never heard him whine that "they talk about me like I was a dog."

You are a complete prick.
How could someone so thin skinned rise to the top of that backstabbing, dog eat dog Chicago political machine by being such a whiny little bitch.

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