Monday, September 20, 2010

Karl Rove, you're an ass

I caught part of your diatribe when Christine O'Donnell won against the entrenched politician you backed.
You had the reputation of being on top of things, and of being a king maker through your political prowess. But in reality, all you are is another cog in the leadership machine.

You'd rather let the Tea Party candidates loose to the Dems because you're more comfortable with them than you are normal Americans who actually want to do better for America than keep your party in power.

John Cornyn, you're right up there with your knee-jerk reaction when you heard about her victory and your grudging backing after you got a buttload of phone calls.
The way it looks now is that you're going to have a fight for your seat next time, and Kay-Bailey isn't the only one I won't be voting for.


VIVA La Witch!!!

And having fun with another thing that's got the Libs all flummoxed...
No it's not the Eagles, but she's cute-with her own take. Like Christine!

Yes you would.

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