Wednesday, August 18, 2010

On a slightly ironic note

We're finally getting all that heat here in San Antonio, that the rest of America has been suffering for the past month.

The heat index was 115. It was even hotter in the trenches when we were putting conduit together.

On a related note to a post at Roberta's, I generally use a pair of lineman's pliers to strip my wire and the bigger stuff (#4 thru 500MCM) we generally use a utility knife.
But then, we're in the business of getting her the raw power to change into pulsed and stepped DC voltage which uses lots of high tech, finicky connectors that make your entertainment so entertaining,


  1. Lot's of water, bud.
    You can't get enough as I found out the hard way.

  2. My leadman and I killed a 5 gal jug of water yesterday, and both of us had the pre-chit stomach gurgling because of all that water.
    I was starting to cramp up when I got home, but that slug of pickle juice helped that right out. Then the beer helped rehydrate me.

  3. The weather is weird man, we usually have experienced about 30 days of 100+..this year I think we have had 7 days. And they are coming in three day spurts. Then it dips down to 80's or low 90's. In the desert it is odd...Not mad about it, but I'm bettin Christmas we'll be 90's.