Sunday, August 22, 2010

Niles, Michigan

Does anyone know who lives there, or why I'd be getting Qwest hour long plus hits on my sitemeter along with up to 25 page views? It's the same ISP running FireFox with no referral site, so they must have me bookmarked.

But, why? I have a crappy blog with bad english and hardly any hits.

I know I've gone to some of your sites and got called away from the computer...all night sometimes, but that wouldn't rack up the page hits either.


  1. No ideas about Niles, MI. Firefox has a setting to not report referer to websites. I've been running that way for years. Referer reports the last web page you visited, regardless of whether they referred you, or you used a bookmark.

  2. I have some buddies running a militia out there... I dropped your name, don't worry they are mostly harmless.

  3. You know, I get someone from Niles also, but they always come through your blog (according to sitemeter).