Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Diversity in action

I noticed something in watching this vid of the N.E. bloggershoot over at Jays place:

Aside from all the different smokepoles and shoot'n arns, that I don't think I saw two people with the same ,,,um,,,,form shooting the same weapon.
The only consistent thing I saw was the pistol grips (sort of) and I'd probably be able to tell who got together with 75 of there closest friends to learn how to hit targets one day.

And I'm part of that diverse crowd too, as you can see by my unorthodox pistol grip if you look at the header. Hey, it works for me and I can put a dinner plate over my pattern at 25 yards.

1 comment:

  1. Man that's a great locale for a shoot. Much more scenic than our area..Although we get to shoot long distances too. I'd rather have the shade of the trees than the dust of the desert.

    Good stuff.