Saturday, August 14, 2010

The 8-28 D.C. meet-up

That I keep hearing when I listen to Glen Beck.
I'm not sure what it is exactly because I usually only hear parts of his program.

What he keeps emphasizing, though, is the need to let the ....Parks Dept.(?) know how many buses of people you're bringing.

Supposedly to know how many port-a-johns to order.
I guess that's a quick, handy way to do it (2 per bus times X buses= Y scattered around the Mall).

Why did they decide on buses? Are they so familiar with the old style of the Liberal protest machine that would bus their "spontaneous" crowd in for their anti-republican "Million [your cause here] Marches" that they can't estimate the crowds any way else?

Is that part of the reason the 4th of July Tea Party Protest was so under reported? That most real people don't NEED to be bused in if they really want to be heard/

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