Monday, August 23, 2010

I have to admit

That when I saw this video of a PD dash cam, my first though was,,,'at what point did they drop the cell phone?'

Then I thought- "Daym, that's going to f*ck up traffic for hours. Sure am glad I'm not on that road."

Maybe I'm lacking any sympathy for the dumbass who was going at least 30 faster than the cop.............BECAUSE on the way home tonite, I watched about 5 cars blow past a school bus with it's red lights on just west of Castroville.


  1. Wow.

    I'd say he messed up with a capital "F".

  2. That is insane! Glad the moron didn't hurt anyone else.

  3. That was a planned suicide run with the blaze of glory bullshit.

  4. What I thought was WHY the hell did they "Rush him to the hospital with life flight" Tell me how many crimes occured during this idiots run from the cops? Should have dug a hole right there, cleaned up the mess and let the traffic flow. Call it culling the heard.