Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Even though we're more religious than Libs

Surprisingly we don't believe in electing a Messiah from Chicago, unlike the godless atheists on the Liberal side of things. How's your Unicorn Rider working out for you guys?

Some Republicans believe that we can get a Hero to decide -at this late date- to join the wannabees in the primaries. So that this unknown hero can be brash like Newt, business savvy like Mittens, conservative like Santorum and Constitutional like Paul.

It's not going to happen. So quit wishing for Bobby Jindal or Marco Rubio or Col. West to jump in.
What we have is what we have.
Lets learn to live with it.
Any one of them would be better than what we have right now, and the MSM will hate our nominee just as badly as the rest and dig for the dirt that they didn't on their Chicago Jeezus.

I don't know if I'll even bother voting in our primary because it'll be in either May or June.
Thanks to the politics of race driving the Federal judges in their redistricting clusterf*ck.
Because if it's in June- the candidate will have been elected and it'll be someone I can vote for or someone I'll not vote for in November.

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