Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It looks like a different browser on the horizon

Blogger still can't play nice with the mothership.
I think I noticed it a little over a week ago when Google started tracking even more of your internet experience, and it's getting worse.

I was just over at Motzarts place, trying to view a comment I made, but got the Google white screen of  nothingness.
I tried by signing out, but nada.
I copied the URL and opened Explorer and went right in.

So, is my FF 3.(whatever) at fault, or every FF user?


  1. It's something that's screwed up with Blogger as I've gotten numerous complaints from readers about essentially the same problems and have reported it twice. Strangely enough, my biggest complainer mentioned this morning that it was working for him again.

    PS: I use only Firefox and haven't had a problem during any of this.

  2. What version of FireFox?

    I just downloaded Slim Browser

    And got everything I was missing for months- comments in Jawa and other blogs.

  3. I got no issues using FF 9.0X

  4. I have issues with Blogger's post editor - it sucks, to be succinct. The cursor randomly disappears and it refuses to let me change text font and formatting at times.

    No issues with Firefox 9.03 here.