Monday, January 02, 2012

#OWS had a "PeacekeepingTeam" at the Rose Parade today

Wow, sounding.

How many did the TEA PARTY have?
Oh -NONE. Because the TEA PARTY didn't need to have self appointed authority figures making sure they acted like RESPONSIBLE adults.

BTW- they had millions of dollars and weeks to prepare for their version of the "Deathmobile" and all we got was this?



  1. Wow. A big crappy Jello mold is the best they could do?

  2. You gotta remember that most of the #OccupyMom'sSofa bunch are more about talking than actually working on something.

    "Yaknow, it'd be soooo coool, man, if, like, THEY...

    And that's as far as it got.


  3. They also managed to tie themselves in with Nazi propaganda imagery.


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