Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yet one more reason I will never vote for Willard Romney

Not only is he rounding up hit men (and females) to go after Newt in person and through a news site that used to be conservative -but fair. Sorry Matt Drudge, no more links from me, but I'm sure all that Romney/GOP Establishment money will make up for it.

Now Mittens is not only going for the win, he's going after Newt with lies, innuendos and everything the Left makes a habit of using against us. Hell I bet we'll see the MSM joining in and bringing their own buckets of tar without being asked.

F*ck you Mittens if you're on my ballot in November- The highest my arrow is going to be is Ted Cruz, then on to vote against every DEm with a challenger.

Because we've had enough working across the aisle-
Look how well that worked for your buddy John -I'm a Maverick- McCain or the other winner on your team Bob Dole.

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