Sunday, January 08, 2012

Lighting the candle

Against violent guns..or sumething feel-goody like that.

Today everyone is supposed to light a candle to shoe how we're against gun violence (whether it's defensive or not they don't say). But I'm all for helping out, and Weer'd has more links to people who are against violent guns, too.
Here are my contributions because I *REALLY* care:

I hope you have a peaceful Sunday and your guns behave themselves.


  1. Thank you for shedding some light on the matter: )

  2. Durn! I just about missed this whole thing, it's almost 12 AM on Monday now and I haven't lit a candle. Oddly, none of my guns has jumped up and shot anyone today. Nor has Linda Lou's little LadySmith .38, even though I unloaded it, blew the dog hair out, checked it over, reloaded it and put it back in it's little spot.

    I usually go over at least one of the firearms every day or so so that they are all at least inspected once every couple of weeks.

    Funny, I've owned guns for over fifty years now. Never has one of mine just decided to shoot someone.