Thursday, January 19, 2012

Remember back when "W" was creating jobs back in the early 2000's?

This was after the 9-11 attacks that shut down the airline industry and everything associated with them- including tourism.
The Left and their Lamestream Media co-conspirators sniggered about it being only McJobs and not 'really' worth counting as *real* jobs.


But now, we have President Hopey-Changie in DISNEY LAND shutting down Mainstreet America so he could get a photo-op with Cinderellas castle as a backdrop.

He's touting tourism jobs.
Because those minimum wage jobs will be better for America than 20,000 oil patch jobs.

AND what I haven't heard anywhere....the TAX REVENUE from that oil as soon as it crosses the border.

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  1. This from the same man who nearly killed the convention industry in Las Vegas a couple of years ago?

    Now he's a Disney pitchman?

    Oh...wait...follow the money.


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