Thursday, January 26, 2012

Have we had enought of the ever more intrusive Google spying?

You did know that huge Liberal machine was tracking you didn't you?

You do know that unless you turned off your web search history, that it has EVERY site you've been to since you first opened that GOOGLE search engine- right?

And now everyone is surprised that the huge LIBERAL entity known as Google has been tracking you and using what it knows about you for *koff* advertising enhancements.
-Until the 0bama administration wants to know your surfing habits...

But here's a handy article to try taking control of some of the information that's stored on there ever increasinly huge memory banks in your name.

Or you could just go cold turkey and delete (maybe) your history on Google and close accounts if you want to go all back-to-nature and have to hunt and gather your information all by yourself.

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