Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So the Establishment guy won in Fla.

I'm really not surprised because of the massive firebombing of Newt and the fact that few bloggers have mentioned the fact that FLA is full of Yankee snowbirds.

So it's not like Mitt winning Kentucky or Texas, it's like the East coasts southern bedroom where all the Mittens voters will be home in time to vote for Mitt again in their home state's primaries.
Or just have an absentee ballot mailed down to them.


  1. Florida has no natives, except for the members of the Native American tribes. Everyone else is from somewhere north of the Mason Dixon Line.

    Their loyalties are to the society they abandoned when it stopped working and they escaped to survive.

  2. That's an exaggeration - lots of southerners are born and live in Florida. But it's true there are also a helluva lot of transplants, and that the very southern part of Fla isn't exactly "Dixie." Much of the rest really is "God's waiting room."

    So arguably Florida isn't really southern, any more than California is western.

  3. Fornicalia is about as Western as Mexico.