Saturday, January 28, 2012

Is anyone else having blogger trouble?

This time with the blogger blogroll?
I try to add blogs, but after hitting save, it sits there and spins it's wheels- with no result.

It happens in F/F 9 and in Explorer.
I still can't see comments in F/F 9-

Guess with all this 'enhancement' for our 'benefit' that Google is doing, something unexpected is happening.
...Like it is always unexpected when Liberals start tweaking shit.

I guess I'll be needing to look for a new blogging platform...except for W/P who censors you because a bunch of islamatards don't like what you say about them.


  1. Not all of my blogpost comments are showing up on my default hotmail address. But some are (?)
    Can't live with it...can't kill it and bury it in the backyard!

  2. I had trouble yesterday deleting a couple of dormant author accounts. It would say they had been deleted, but they were still there.

    I ended up having to revert to the older control panel where they deleted just fine.

  3. I have lots of trouble thinking of things to blog about. Drinking helps.

  4. Keeps showing me the comments before the blog. Thats just the reading them. Trying to Write has been about impossible. I thought is was this antique computer of mine for a while now.