Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'd like to ask Ann Coulter a favor

And that would be to just StFU on Newt.
Ok, we get it- for whatever reason you sold out to the Romney train.

Maybe it was to get your fellow Yankee Chris Christi as the other Yankee on the N.E. Atlantic coast "Moderate" ticket- but it's not playing well in Texas, or for certain gays in Chi-town.

You know, don't you Ann- that Americans are a stubborn breed. Most independent Americans  like to think for themselves and find hate-filled and demonstratively false accusations a reason to vote FOR the one being unfairly attacked---
Just like YOU and Drudge (who I wonder got paid what to) demonize Newt, and bury any reasonable answers except that he's Da Debbil!!!one!!!

Just to let you know Ann Coulter and Matt Drudge- I will NEVER (and you are re-enforcing my resolve) vote for Willard Romney.

I forgot the obligatory Romney signature picture:


  1. You grant yourself a favor from Ann Coulter and that is the best you can come up with? Dude. Work on your imagination.

  2. Ann is sharp as a whip -and I like that, But she majorly needs to eat a lot more sammiches.
    If she had the curves of Sandra Rinomato- then I'd think of other things-K?

  3. Really dude? Anne Coulter is abrasive so you will vote for ... well, let's see. Your ballot will say
    D - Obama R - Romney

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  4. I will vote for anybody but Romney and Ron Paul! in the primary. Come the general I will vote the straight Republican Ticket but will concentrate all my effort in the downballot races. We are three, maybe four election cycles before we get enough Tea Party type conservatives in Congress to really start rolling things back. Until then we must just do our best to slow the slide.

    We as a nation are like the Titanic, heading toward that iceberg at full throttle, with all the lookouts sparing off in the wrong direction. With Romney it'd slow to half throttle. With Newt, it's all ahead, slow. Anyone, and anything that will slow us down while we pack the legislatures is another little chance for my grandchildren.

  5. Number one priority is to control the Presidency so we control Supreme Court appointments. Lose the SCOTUS, lose the war.

    Aside from that, the President is powerless to do more than veto bills, IF CONgress hold him to the Constitution.

  6. Ann has always been abrasive, but lately (for whatever incentive) she's backing the grand father of Obamakare and a guy who's never seen a gun control law he didn't like.

    I'm tired of voting FOR evil- even if it's the lessor.
    That's one reason we're here right now.
    Because as long as I can remember, THIS election is the most important election in HISTORY! You HAVE to vote for the lesser evil...because look who'll win if you don't!
    So we get Bob Dole, John McCain, Jerry Ford, Mittens Romney- because it's their turn to lose to the Dem.

    If he's on the ballot my ticket will start with Ted Cruze for Senat and go down from there.

  7. In a way, I was surprised on Ann's dogmatic approach to this primary, but I soon realized she's only the product of her environment and education. To her, it's a fantastic perspective of measured thought and wisdom. From my perspective, it's upper East Coast arrogance and condenscension.

    This supposed vetting is turning into a cage match. At the rate it's going, all contenders will be laying bloody, and unconcious.