Saturday, January 14, 2012

Am I the only one who'll say why Obama wants with his consolidation?

...Other than the fact that he wants to nullify Congress.

This .GOV consolidation that he wants to do to *koff* make the Commerce Dept leaner and less costly..or something.

The only reason he wants to get rid of waste and redundant efforts is so that the separate splinters aren't slowing down his anti-business goals by creating friction in slapping Stalinistic laws all over businesses.


  1. All PR. "Look, see! Obama really cut government! Really!"

    A little rope-a-dope, a little misdirection, and whoopie, government policy!

  2. Aside from the politics of it, a merger would allow them to reorder middle management. that move would allow them to bounce any of those managers they deemed obstructionist. It is bureaucratic jujitsu to get around civil service rules.

    What I would much rather see is staffing levels returned to Bush era sizes. The last-in first-out workings of layoffs would flush a good number of the Obama era ideological hires, and I see those people being a huge problem down the road.