Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A question for y'all

Why is it that no matter what I drive, or what I'm hauling someone just HAS to ride my bumper?

I could be driving the fuel truck, a 45' drop-deck trailer with a broken back-hoe dripping hydraulic fluid all over your windshield, a bucket truck or a pressure drill- you always pull up so I can only see a shadow where your 4 wheeler is- or one side mirror tip or the other...because you can't hold a lane position either.

I stay in the slow/right/granny lane as much as I can, and there are almost always two, three or four lanes to the left that are going alot faster. It's not that you're waiting for the next exit, because I've had you tailing me for miles- with an empty lane immediately to your left.

The trucks I drive aren't the ones you want to draft, because I don't drive a dry van.

Anyone want to venture a guess?


  1. I always just thought that everyone else just wanted to piss me off; I guess they want to piss you off too.

  2. They're morons! Simple enough....

  3. Some people are herd animals...they won't lead, but will follow. They are likely bitching about the fact that you won't go faster, yet have not the balls to pass.

    Likely they are Obama voters.

  4. Nothing like a little WD-40 in the slipstream, windshield has to be cleaned by squeegie, and you can always say 'Officer I must have a broken bushing spraying oil or sumthin.

  5. Usually, the're not good drivers, but I've found some have expired registration or inspection.

  6. I just chalk it up to the fact that a certain percentage of the population is made up of assholes.

  7. I see it all the time too. After many years of pondering I've come to the conclusion that they are mostly near-sighted folks who don't have the correct eye-glasses prescription, if one at all. In my second place guess is stoopid.