Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Well, if Romney wants to play hardball

We can return the favor to all his supporters.

Kevin Dujan over at Hillbuzz has a nice payback in mind and to be effective it needs all of your support.

I’d like you to consider doing something novel in conservative politics:  let’s hold everyone who’s pushing Willard Mittens Romneycare toward the Republican nomination responsible for what happens on November 6th, 2012.

None of the people doing this should work on political campaigns ever again if, as expected, Romneycare goes on to defeat in November.
If any of these people are elected officials — such as Nikki Haley and Kelly Ayotte — they need to be primaried the next time they are up for election.
The people pushing Romneycare as the “nominee in all but name only” and “the primaries must end with Florida!” talking points who work in TV and print media need to be removed from the air.
Large donors who funded Romneycare’s primarily campaign should feel the wrath of a public disgusted with the GOP running another loser in the fashion of Bob Dole and John McCain in an election year when he was the absolute worst candidate to put up against the manufactured zeitgeist the Democrats had prepped to secure Obama’s re-election.
My thinking is this:  should Romneycare actually win the nomination and the general election, all of the people who’ve pushed for him so aggressively during the primaries will be handsomely rewarded in his theoretical administration. Haley and Ayotte are under the delusion they may even be considered for VP (when Romneycare already signals he wants Pawlenty…or if forced otherwise, will accept Marco Rubio).  Others in the Cocktail Party GOP establishment have bellied up to push for Romneycare in hopes of landing everything from Cabinet slots to ambassadorships.
If these people get to reap the rewards if Romneycare wins…then why they heck aren’t they held accountable when soggy cucumber-and-mayo candidates like Romneycare, McCain, and Dole LOSE?
Go over and read the rest.

You want scorched earth Mittens, you and your fellow RINOs need to enjoy it just as much as we are now.

Well said Kevin- it's about time WE peons did something to show our disapproval to the Establishment  Republicans...the Ruling Class.

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