Wednesday, January 11, 2012

San Antonio owns the local power company- CPS

The initials stand for something like Citizens Power Service- or something close.

CPS wanted to build another nuke plant down in Three Rivers- but didn't because it wasn't 'green' enough for the city council and Democrat Mayor.

But, guess what? San Antonio ratepayers will be buying a state of the art Solar array!

Because we all need to pay our fair share- or something.

...And in other news that WOAI decided not to put on it's website--oh noes...that nasty drought we're going to have for the next five years is going to cause problems with power generation.
Because we need water to cool the power plants or we'll be having rolling blackouts.

Except that Charity McCurdy forgot that we won't HAVE power plants that need water because Obamas EPA is going to shut them all down next year.


  1. Well, somebody will make the big bucks keeping it clean. Look at the jobs it will create that have no revenue to support.

  2. I hope their ROI is better than for the panels the City of Beloit put up on City Hall - useful life of 30 years, with luck, and it will only take 40 years for it to pay for itself.