Sunday, December 18, 2011

Who's all behind this surge in support?

Is it 'just' the Mittens campaign?
Or- more likely is it the old guard elite East Coast cocktail party Republicans calling in chits to get this flurry of support for Romneycare?

Because he's the next one who deserves to lose to the Democrats?
Telling us what we need to do because they're up in DEEfriggingCEE and they went to the 'right' universities and never had to meet a budget that really mattered to the end fact that they could lose their house or car if they didn't meet it.

Yeah the Liberal business-as-usual-GOP pushing the one THEY decided they want.


Ya know, all this pushing against the tide is really pushing me into the Newt column- just because you're trying so hard for Romney.

Now stop trying to force me to eat my spinach!


  1. There's no surge, the RNC decided months ago to support Romney. It's never been a question to them.

  2. But now in the last week, two days everyone is jumping to publicly support the next GOP loser.