Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Always know how high your load is

If you're not sure, measure it.

All underpasses are marked with their minimum height in black letters on a bright yellow sign.
Most trucks are 13' high or below. I've pulled some vans that were taller at 13'6"- but there was warnings you could see in your mirror. I also wrote it on my windshield.

There's also a driver job open in Delta, PA.


  1. This mishap is still the stuff of legend in my country. Plus, on I84 east of Boise, ID we had to dodge chunks of concrete in the roadway put there from an excavator that just nicked the roadway. You could see all the dust on the highest cylinder.

  2. Funny-All the BACKHOES I've moved were way under 16'.
    Of course He's a newsie so I'm surprised that he didn't call it a bulldozer.