Thursday, December 29, 2011

Money talks, doesn't it Mitt?

You're buying all these reliable Establishment Republicans to endorse you (like which other RINO would they back) and getting some kind of Qui-pro-Quo on others that obviously threw in their conservative creds on backing you (right Ann?)

Now he's using his connection in the VA GOP to screw over everyone but his buddy Ron Paul in changing the ballot rules in the middle of the game. They decided that NOW they'd be holding candidates to the standard they never used before this election.

And in yet another reason to NOT vote for Obama lite- Romney has his people in VA forcing any Republican who wants to vote in the primary signing a "Loyalty Oath" to vote for whoever comes out on top of that two person rigged ballot.
Is the ACLU going to jump in here about unrealistic voting requirements?

Kinda reminds you of someone else using scorched earth politics in using his political power to grind over  political problems throw problems under the bus.

F-U Mittens, I'll never vote for you.

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  1. I swear you're my long-lost brother.