Saturday, December 03, 2011

One more reason NOT to vote for Mittens

The elitist Senator from Alaska Lisa Murkowski has endorsed Mitt Romneycare.

...And he's proud of it:
Mitt Romney: “I am proud to announce the support of Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski. I look forward to working with her to expand Alaska’s energy production, bring jobs back to the state, and help get our country on the right track again.”

Straight from the people who know her best comes this truthful statement:
muzungu December 2nd 11:45 A.M (Anchorage Daily News):
Oh boy, what a surprise --- the kneejerk pro-status-quo, pro-everything-Establishment Lisa "Daddy, I want a Senate seat!" Murkowski has endorsed the most rabidly pro-status-quo of all the Republican presidential candidates. Color me unsurprised. That woman, and her chosen candidate, represents EVERYTHING that is wrong with American politics today --- a blinkered, power-pandering, self-interested, public-be-damned, short-sighted devotion to furthering the interests of the corrupt and sociopathic financial and political elite above all else.

AND this news on top of finding out that one of the few remaining Republican candidates let the MSM win by bringing up 1996 tactics of personal destruction.
I guess that $100 bill you drug though those trailer parks was a good investment this time Rahm.

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