Friday, December 16, 2011


You people who go to the jobs board of craigslist- the ones posting AVAILABLE jobs. You know the page.

Why do you think that putting your wanting a job there will get you one?
You just went through three pages where you agreed that this was only for posting available jobs- and asking for jobs was somewhere else.

Since you can't follow- or comprehend those simple instructions.
Even if (no, especially if) you're a third year college student.

WHY should anyone hire you since you just proved that you either CAN'T or WONT follow simple instructions?

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  1. There's someone in Beloit kept posting a "jobs wanted" ad telling us how he had just gotten his CDL - right above six ads looking for truck drivers, including a couple that were looking for recent grads.

    How much intelligence does it take to place an ad like that, at your cost, right next to ads you could answer for free and maybe even get a job?