Friday, December 02, 2011

If you committed perjury by mail- or whatever they call it

Do you think you'd be able to just..."withdraw" it nine months later?

You know, like it never happened and no-one even saw it to do any expensive work to do research on it.
Under fire for losing track of weapons that turned up at crime scenes along the Southwest border, the Justice Department has taken the extraordinary step of formally withdrawing an inaccurate letter about the episode that it sent to Congress earlier this year.

Because we're not just breaking laws for a political aim- we're incompetent to boot.
Misleading Congress can be a prosecutable offense if a person who makes the statements knows they are false. But Attorney General Eric Holder has told lawmakers that so far he has no evidence anyone intended to deceive them. The matter remains under investigation not only by Republicans in Congress but also the Justice Department's inspector general.
Yes! Get Inspector Clouseau on the case immediately.

.... NINE months. That's as long as a fetus is in the womb -if you're not a Liberal.

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