Thursday, December 15, 2011

If anyone is using VISTA

And I feel sorry for you if you are.

You may be having spyware problems from a virus called Vista Antispyware 2012.

Go here for help removing it.
It's free and working on the wifes computer right now.

You might want to find another vendor, because it'll find the problem- but to fix it you have to BUY the shit.
Maybe they're part of the same .org???


  1. They have it for XP and 7 too, as I got it on my computer some time ago. I would like to have a talk with the person that wrote this particular piece of software. It would not be a long conversation...

  2. Try Superantispyware. I've used it for a few years on the wifes laptop and it does a decent job, also completely free or an upgraded version for a small fee. Alternately, you could try Linux and never worry about malware or viruses again.

  3. Use Malwarebytes, go to, you can get a free version that works just fine (though the paid is only $25 which is very reasonable for what the software does)

  4. @Ruth-
    Malewarbytes didm't work on this one.

  5. Really? Wow, if you get a minute send them an email and let them know, usually its good for most that nasty stuff.

    What did get it? Or are you still working on it?

  6. It's her computer, I think she's still working on it.
    She had to do everything through safe mode.
    That link I had said she had like 54 maleware bites, but she'd have to BUY the software to get rid of it.

    I went to and searched for "Vista Antispyware 2012" and got some info (if you can find the start of the thread) in the forums.