Saturday, December 24, 2011

Enjoy your Christmas vacation President Everyman

Bought by your 20,000 saved Social Security contributions.
I put two and a half weeks worth in my gas tank Thursday.

And I couldn't even afford this White House CD set for 1/2 a week of SSI contributions:

Stolen from Robert.


  1. Look at the bright side -- he ends up getting stuck with the hen-pecking, lard ass.

    Marry Christmas Kurt.

  2. To be fair, the one thing he never claimed to be is "everyman."

    Unless he did and I didn't notice, which is very possible.

  3. Isn't it strange that Social Security- which was sold as retirement security placed in a trust fund -is now a payroll tax? After all, that's the only way it wasn't thrown out by the Supreme Court, which blessed the mostly unknown reality that Congress had passed a new tax at a time when taxes were breaking the nation.

    The President will have a good holiday because his arrogance doesn't allow the guilt associated with wasting something as precious as the sweat of a hard working taxpayer.

    I wish him a conscience for Christmas. May it serve him well and may his nights of restless sleep haunt him until he learns to be humble and thanful.