Saturday, December 17, 2011

Money talks

I wonder who much and what other enticements were spread around from the Romney camp to Glen Beck and Ann Coulter to start bashing Newt.
Nikki Haley and now Cristine O'Donnel  are Tea Partiers that back Mitt- because 'he's the only conservative that can win'...or so they've been paid to say.

It's not that you can't look at Newt winning the 44 seats in the House and forcing Clinton to the right. He is the ONLY Republican that has forced a Liberal Democrat President and Congress to balance the budget.

How can Ann or Glen say that

Mitt frikking Romneycare

is the most conservative Republican out there?

Who else that used to be a conservative is getting a gold plated ticket on the Romney bandwagon?
...And how badly will they twist history to bash Newt?

You know, I'm still open on my vote (except for Mittens), but the way things are going on behind closed doors- the more I'm going to vote for Newt to SPITE the RNC. Hear that John Cornyn- you already lost my vote, how many others do you want to lose?

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