Sunday, December 11, 2011

Following the newest Democrate meme

WOAI 1200AM the talk radio station in San Antonio (which plays a majority of conservative programs) has declaired El Paso the safest big city in the United States.

They don't say WHO decided that, but it works with the sanctuary city propaganda. Being that there were only five murders there in the last year as opposed to 3,000 across the river in Juarez, Mexico.

So- naturally El Paso is a shining example of why allowing illegals to wander around freely is good- because they're not afraid to talk to 'la ley'. . . as opposed to Juarez where they're ALL legal and should be able to report anything- right?

El Paso is considered a 'Sanctuary City,' where police don't ask individuals they come into contact with about their immigration status.

"Programs which put local law enforcement to work for federal immigration agencies are notorious for driving a wedge between the immigrant community and police," the Border Network's Cristina Parker said.  "The major law enforcement executives from every large city and county in Texas have made it clear that community security suffers when immigrant communities stop cooperating with local police."

So, all sanctuary cities are examples of low crime? Since illegals are ready to talk to the cops? Houston is a sanctuary city, so is Austin, Dallas and San Antonio- just in Texas.

I'd also like to remind The Border Network for Human Rights that those bastions of peace, love and safety called LA, Oakland, Detroit and Philly are ALL sanctuary cities too.


  1. Call me silly, but weren't there bullets flying past City Hall during a gang war a few months ago??

  2. Those came from the other side of the river.
    Not that drug gangs give a shit about rule four...