Saturday, December 10, 2011

Three elections the Democrats won't be able to steal?

Because the three new Congressional districts are going to be decided by the US Supreme Court- in a blow to Democrat machinations of the legal system.
The court issued a brief order late Friday that applies to electoral maps drawn by federal judges in San Antonio for the Texas Legislature and Congress that would have ensured (ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS) minorities made up the majority in three additional Texas congressional districts. The justices said they will hear arguments on Jan. 9.
The (Democrat appointed)judges issued the new maps for the 2012 election in Texas after a lawsuit was filed in San Antonio over redistricting maps drawn by the GOP-led. The maps were to remain in place until the lawsuit was resolved.

...Just like TEN YEARS AGO when they tried to steal those new congressional districts for (illegal) 'Latino' voters. This year it's more of the same Democrat interference under color of law.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said the court's decision shows the federal judges in San Antonio "overreached and displayed judicial activism inconsistent with federal law and contrary to the intent of the Legislature."
As usual when you have Liberals on the bench.

State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, the leader of the Mexican-American Legislative Caucus, which participated in the San Antonio lawsuit, said it was "deeply concerned" about the potential disruption of the 2012 election schedule.

"Our resolve remains stronger than ever and our commitment to minority voting rights unwavering," he said in a statement. "If there ever was a textbook case of Voting Rights Act violations, this is it. We look forward to making our case before the United States Supreme Court."

Lawmakers redraw districts every 10 years to reflect changes in population reported by the census, and Texas is adding four U.S. House seats based on population gains in the 2010 census. Texas' Republican-controlled Legislature drew up new maps earlier this year (just like Democrats do when they're in charge- it's in the Constitution), but minority groups sued in federal court in San Antonio, claiming the plan didn't reflect the growth in the state's Hispanic and black populations.
Because most are ILLEGAL and can't legally vote?

The San Antonio court issued new maps while it decided the case. The judges reasoned that the state would be unable to hold elections without the temporary maps.
...And we might even be able to force an election based on them!

Farging Democrats have always been trying to steal elections in Texas, either from voter intimidation (The Klan) to actually murdering people over ballot boxes.

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