Saturday, December 31, 2011

Remember the Toyota brake "problem"?

That ended up NOT being a Toyota problem, but a driver problem.

Yeah, the problems that lead to a recall to help G.M. sell more cars.
The same G.M. that stole 2/3 of investors worth to pay back 0bamas UAW and wasted $50 Billion of our tax money.

How much do you think you'll hear about the fact that G.M. is now having to recall 4,000 of it's cars because those brains at the UAW were either too pre-occupied with all the UNION supported protests going on, OR too lazy to make sure some BRAKE PADS were where they were supposed to be.  

And you probably didn't hear about the steering wheels coming off those Govt. Motors cars, either- did you?

....AND still speaking about your wasted .GOV tax money and the shitter, how about that earth-friendly Hybrid money Obama sent to Finland to help them make money?

Fisker Automotive is recalling all 239 of its 2012 Karma luxury plug-in hybrid cars because of a fire hazard, according to a report filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Prices on the 2012 model start at $103,000, including the destination charge.

Which isn't so bad, I guess...
Fisker said the problem was discovered on Dec. 16, when workers at the Valmet Automotive assembly plant in Finland noticed coolant dripping. Fisker said it was not aware of any consumer complaints, warranty claims or “any other reports related to this condition.” It said fewer than 50 vehicles were in the hands of consumers.

I guess "smug" isn't selling like it used to be.

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  1. Yeah, don't forget the $250,000 Chevy Volt bursting into flames while charging or after being in a wreck.