Monday, December 19, 2011

Meanwhile @#OccupyTahrirSquare

Police and soldiers using batons and teargas drove stone-throwing protesters out of Cairo's Tahrir Square, hub of the uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak in February, overnight.
Hundreds had returned to the square by morning after security forces retreated behind barricades in streets leading to parliament, the cabinet office and the Interior Ministry.

They would be the 99%ers if they could count that high.

Should we really compare this to those clueless hippies @ #OWS encampments?
Who think they're sticking their necks out for *changeiness*? Daring the cops to use teargas and rubber bullets.

Ban Ki-moon "is highly alarmed by the excessive use of force employed by the security forces against protesters, and calls for the transitional authorities to act with restraint and uphold human rights, including the right to peaceful protest", the U.N. Secretary-General's office said in a statement.
The violence has overshadowed the election that is set to give Islamists the biggest bloc in parliament.
The West, long friendly with Mubarak and other regional strongmen who kept a lid on Islamists, has watched warily as Islamist parties have swept elections in Morocco, Tunisia and now Egypt following this year's Arab uprisings.'s that smart diplomacy working out for *democracy* in the Mid-East, Hil? Barry?

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