Sunday, December 11, 2011

One more reson NOT to vote for Mittens

Because we must all get along :-)

H/T Pundit Press


  1. Yeah Mitt Romney is our only hope....sigh.. The only people who don't like winners is the losers. I'm thinking we need someone to lead from the front for a while. We've seen what leading from the ass does.

    Newt, Perry, Santorum is the best we got at this time and either one of them would be fine with me. I'll put their signs up in my yard. Something I never did for McCain.

  2. Wait, wait, wait. Wasn't Gingrich the one who came up with the contract with America in the first place? And didn't it start proving itself a fraud within about six microseconds of the big republican victory? I mean it's been a long time and details become fuzzy, but I'm not sure "Romney didn't like the CwA" is the best argument for not supporting him. Not that one is needed, with Romneycare tied around his neck.

    Seems like a helluva lot of those "new-blood" republicans from back then settled in right comfortably with the status quo. Like that was a big surprise.

    Yeah, Romney's a democrat in republican clothing. Wouldn't vote for him if you filled my pockets with gold. Doesn't make the others look any better. I fart on all of them.