Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How many people realize

That the 'workingmans tax break' that President Lightworker wants to extend.

Because it helps so many buy necessary things.
And it's the only thing keeping the economy from imploding...

Is worth about $15 a week? That's not even a tank of gas.

But President Everyman thinks it'll get him re-elected by helping those bitter clingers in flyover country get two six packs a week to drown their troubles.


  1. That's because he and his elite snob campaign staff think we're idiots. Then again, based on the 2008 election results, why wouldn't they?

    I'd pretty much vote for anyone against Nobama. I shudder to think what a dedicated Communist without the worry of a re-election campaign would do to this country.

  2. Eh. It's still $15 of mine the govt doesn't get.

    I'll take it.

    But yeah, it'd take a lot more than 2 digits to get me to vote for Obama.