Thursday, December 22, 2011

We've been watching "The Walking Dead"

Whenever they decide they want to put it on....

And Karen mentioned that she'd like to take a stab at a crossbow.
I found one at Academy for a closeout price of $120- plus the cocker.

So, I said lets wait on that, since it'll be used about five times...

I ended up at one of our bigger pawn shops looking at a set of four .22 pumps. Two were Wins, one was a Rem. and the other I thought he said was an Ithica was a Stevens. All were old and dirty and the two I looked at seemed to have not bad action.
Both had rear sites that looked like someone took a chainsaw file to them. Srylsy. I'd say the rounded notch was a good 3/16" wide.
So now I'm looking at aftermarket peep sites.
Is there a "better" way to ad one- either tang mounted or receiver mount?
I'm guessing either one will need to be drilled and tapped.

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