Sunday, December 11, 2011

They went there last night?

The Liberal 'moderators' of the debate brought up infidelity and leadership?

In what could have been the most devastating portion of the debate for Gingrich, a candidate now married to his third wife, the moderators asked whether someone who had cheated on a spouse could be trusted to run the country. Each candidate was given an opportunity to attack Gingrich on the issue before he could respond.

Seriously Dian Sawyer and Gerorge Snufalophigus?
Can I remind you how you defended this guy until you couldn't anymore?



  1. I don't recall the fidelity question coming up at the Democrat debates of 2008, with John Edwards standing there, either.

  2. KurtP, If they were asking him to defend a moral standard, this might be a legitimate question. If they are asking about infidelity as a leadership qualification, then they are dyed in the wool hypocrites. It's too bad that any of the other candidates even answered the question. The appropriate response should have been "You spent eight years of the Clinton Administration arguing that private behavior was irrelevant. Clearly you are now trying to stir dissension among Republican candidates and I will not participate."