Saturday, December 03, 2011

A great rant

Epic, even from a guest blogger at Blonde Sagacity.

So this is the middle of an answer to the D.Koz about why Joe and Josephine six-pac booed the First Wookie at NASCAR;
And please Liberals, spare me all the feigned outrage. I'm still being nicer to Michele than you were Bristol Palin.

Yeah it's personal and mean, and we don't care. In case you haven't figured it out progressives, we're so over being nice to you. When this Presidency began, I had some differences of opinion with the President and his entourage but it wasn't personal. As the years and arrogance out of the administration went on however... well frankly I've grown to just not like these people. Bill Clinton? I don't agree with him but I could have a beer with that guy. Not these folks. If the President offered to have a beer with me I'd turn him down. I don't like him, his staff, or his family... or his politics. I think he's a prick, and I don't care for his wife either. Clinton was a real guy... god love him... ruthless, cunning, salacious, but a real guy. The Obama's are not, they're the quintessential limousine liberals. Arrogant elites looking down at "bitter clingers" like me. Well Obamas, thanks but no thanks. Go away. Think about it. You can see Bill Clinton at that NASCAR race, chilly dog and big gulp in hand, hitting on the track girls having a ball... and you know he'd be the life of the party. Bill's lost some weight and all, but when he gets in the moment you know he'd be eating a turkey leg and eyeing the beer bong. The Obama's would be meticulously trying not to shake too many hands to avoid getting dirty. Clinton would be giving you a drunken hug.

The Obama's are over scripted, hyped, handled and fake. People hate a fake, and loath an arrogant one.

Straight from the fingers of Free0352.

Gawd, I wish I could write like that.

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