Saturday, December 03, 2011

For all of you gunnies

Who know more than me...

What is "steel investment" , and is that good on a pistol?

BTW North- here's a good gunblog I didn't see on your list.


  1. Investment casting refers to the manner in which the piece is manufactured.

    In simple terms, a wax pattern identical to the desired finished product is created, then coated in ceramic to make a mold.

    The wax is then melted out, the mold is cured, and molten steel is poured into it.

    After the steel cools the mold is broken apart leaving the cast product.

    Done properly it results in pretty fine detail and close tolerances so the amount of finish machining is reduced so production costs are lower.

  2. So it's not like cheap casting, or sintered metal.
    It's basically a lost wax casting in steel.

  3. IIRC Umerex is the communications same company that makes the potmetal .22s for SIG S&W and Walther, and those guns are well known for failing catastrophicly.

    If you want a dirt-cheap 1911rifle RIA seems to be the leader. Tho the Ruger may be a better investment.

    Tho Springfield makes some solid entry-level guns that are worth every penny.

  4. So, this one is out of contention then.
    Thanks Weer'd

  5. Kurt, our local Cabellas is advertising an Auto Ordnance 1911A1s for $499.00. Those are good shootin' irons.