Friday, December 09, 2011


Do you believe in them?
On this current job that really turned out to be NOT how it was presented, and with less pay and hours than was presented -gave me am omen within 2 miles of leaving my interview. I almost got T-boned by some Mexican creeping through a stop sign.

..Should have said no.

This new one.
I left the house at 5:30 to take a trencher down to Carrizo Springs and got back to the yard about noon (some 300 miles). Ran fuel to the equipment that needed it and didn't get a chance to leave early.

I filled up my truck in San Antonio and high-tailed it to Gonzalas for a piss test for the new job.
I got there (75 miles from fill-up and 95 minutes) 10 minutes too late for the sample people to take a sample on Friday. Because it's Friday and even if the sign says 5:00PM- that's not 'really' right (smile).

Ok, I'm learning- called them up and regretfully told them that I'm not going to make another 200 mile trip just to pee in a bottle.
Especially if I'm the one paying for gas.
I got home at about 7:10 tonight.

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