Friday, December 23, 2011

Who thinks this is not a scam?

I saw this ad for a job replacing electric meters in San Antonio that was promising from $16- $18/hr. so I wrote this:
Subject: FIELD TECHNICIANS Are Needed (san antonio, TX)


I might be interested in this position.

I have been a lineman and in charge of a small natural gas department on the coast where I learned the way electric meters work and to read them and use 'Road Runner' data entry.

I am however a bit questioning about the high rate of pay for basically an entry level job.

Thank you for your time. 

And that is all I sent.

This is what I got back:
Hello kurt,

Thank you for your interest and your recent resume submission.
My name is Cynthia and I am the Human Resource Manager that
is in charge of the hiring process for our company
UBF Property Management.

I've look over your application and due to the high amount of
replies that we've gotten regarding our recent classifieds posting,
I wanted to contact you as soon as possible and see if you would be
interested in setting up an interview with us.

Before I continue let me tell you some background information
about UBF Property Management:
We are an established Rental Company that was founded back in 1984
and we've grown immensely since then. Unlike other rental companies,
we hope to foster a fun yet efficient environment for our employees
since we have the firm belief that if we provide our employees with a
welcoming work atmosphere we will see an increased return in productivity.
Candidates should consider themselves self-starters and be able to
work efficiently with minimum supervision. Other skills like great
interaction with employees of all levels of the firm, strong communication
skills, organization skills etc. are also valued very highly.

Our company aims to build a strong bond with its employees and therefore
we offer benefits packages for you and your family plus we thrive to
pay our employees a higher hourly wage than any of our competitors.
We will be discussing compensation and benefits a little bit more in
detail during our interview when we are in a more private environment
instead of public emails.

Now due to our policies I will not be able to schedule an interview
with you until you have filled out one of our online applications
which can be found on our company website.

Please fill out our short application so we can move on with the interview
process. It is located on our website and available at following URL:

(Copy and paste this link to your address bar if it is not clickable)

Each applicant is required to have a personal application code in order to
fill the application.

Your code is: VUbl2OyZru

Since we have received such a high number of replies to our job posting
I will only be able to hold your application on my desk for 1-2 days more
so please do not wait too long to fill out our online application!
I will contact you as soon as I receive your online application!

Now if you have any questions please feel free to contact me!
Hoping to see you here for an interview soon,

Human Resource Manager
UBF Property Management

Just out of curiosity, what would something coded like this
(b class="yiv898415703cikoxy")
do if it were hidden in every line of the text?

So, what do you think UBF stands for? YOU BE F-ED?

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  1. Pretty much. Got the same exact reply from someone named Lorraine Harrill. Thanks for the post.