Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So, Harry reid doesn't believe in unicorns?

Or that millionaires create jobs?
Just because the Libs at NPR couldn't name any?

How about some right where you're at harry?
Sanfran Nan is worth over $40 million,  her fellow California Commie Dian Feinstein is worth at least $25 million and Barbra Boxer is worth up to $5 million and involved in BoA. Ask them how many people they put to work in their canneries, hotels and banks.

What about Roland Burris? You know, the guy who finally made the winning bid on former 1/2 term Senator 0bamas Senate seat. He's worth about $1.5 million- ask him how many jobs he's created or saved in just the public sector union thugocracy.

Should I go on naming names on just your side?

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