Tuesday, December 27, 2011

So we went out looking at new sofas today

Because the existing one is broken.
Because 'someone' just has to fall into the thing no matter how much she's told not to. This will be the second thing she's broken buy falling into it.

Anyway, we're looking at sofas -no leather or pleather TYVM because we have dogs, and the only ones I want to afford are either the wrong color or don't feel just right.

So we ended up at the pawn shop I saw those four pump .22s. There are three now, but we found one she could feel comfortable using. It's an off brand called "Permier" that the guy said was sold at retail stores- way back in the day. That is the only thing on it besides the .22 LR-L-Short and the S/N.

According to THR it's either a Savage or a Stevens take-off of a Savage...or a Mossberg. I think it's worth $300- especially if she likes it....and I can shoot it.
We went to my favorite gun shop, and they didn't have anything we were interested in- between Christmas and the two best gun salesmen in modern times they were shy of almost all but the unpopular guns- and on backorder because of nationwide demand.

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  1. Look the rifles up at Numrich Arms to get info on who made them. Likely the guy is right, Savage and Hi-Standard made a lot of branded stuff.